Algae Printing @ ‘Power of Plants’, Latitude Festival 2016

Time: July 2016

Place: Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UK

Context: Power of Plant (science communication event)

Acknowledgements: Colette Matthew, Paolo Bombelli (University of Cambridge), Nixon group (Imperial College)

Invited to join the Power of Plants, it was the first demo of Algae Printing in public and went very well. Kids were more computer suvvy than I thought and understood what is printed in front of them is not just an ordinary print-out but something very special. Yes, printed in algae.

Photo 15-07-2016, 12 53 18
School boys from Sidegate enjoyed printing a message in algae: it says “subscribe to stopmotion …..@ youtube”. Zoom in to catch the detail.
A girl with her family behind printed out her love for science.

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